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that’s the whole movie

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Why yes, you are correct im-the-asshole-that. I really really hate boomers constantly shitting on my generation.

At my job, I once had to take a training course called “Dealing with Difficult People.” And during that course, for no apparent reason, the instructor started off on a rant about millenials which quickly devolved into the entire room of boomers bitching about my generation. At one point, one lady called us “animals.”

When I raised my hand to point out that this was disrespectful, I was told “it’s okay, you’re not like them.” At which point I snapped and asked HOW. My experiences are their experiences. You know what we saw when we grew up? We saw a housing market collapse. We saw the beginning of a war on terror so vaguely defined as to have no visible end. We saw an entire generation stick their fingers in their ears and shout “GLOBAL WARMING ISN’T REAL AND IF IT IS IT’S A PROBLEM FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.”

We’ve been told that “you better go to college if you want a good job” only to graduate to find that there are no jobs available because the work force ISN’T RETIRING. We’ve seen the cost of higher education increase OVER 1,000% in the last four decades. A college credit that cost an day’s minimum wage in the 70’s costs us 60 days of work. Those of us who graduate with student loans are told that if we couldn’t afford it we shouldn’t have gone. Those who don’t go are told that we can’t expect a job without a college degree.

We’ve grown up in a world where the acceptance rate at Harvard is higher than the acceptance rate at a new Walmart. We’ve been told that you were grateful for you job flipping burgers, but you were paid the equivalent of $14-$15 an hour to do so. We’ve had employers cut our work week to 39 hours to get out of paying for our healthcare.

I’ve worked in fast food and you want to know a secret? I have never had a problem with teenagers. If they get rowdy or messy they mean no harm. In fact, most of them will stop if you tell them. All they want is a fucking milkshake and a corner to themselves The customers that cause the most problems? They’re middle aged. I had a customer berate me, cuss at me, and call me stupid and ask if I failed math when I told him he hadn’t given me enough money to pay his check. When he finally accepted he was in the wrong, he told me I shouldn’t have made such a big deal out of it because it was “bad customer service” even though any shortage comes out of my paycheck. That sense of entitlement is something I rarely see in millenials.

We’re told in legitimate publications, in TIME MAGAZINE, just how little you think of our generation, how little you RESPECT us and yet you ask for our unquestioning devotion. Well guess what, IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. You’ve ruined our economy, our housing market, our job market, our environment, and our climate. You continually mock us, demonize us, and leave us to clean up your messes.

RESPECT IS EARNED, and you have done nothing to earn it. And it’s ironic that I have to have this discussion here because at this moment you are the difficult people I am having to deal with.

I was then told I was overly confrontational and would apparently benefit from being sweeter when being called an animal (I may have continued loudly talking over the “instructor” when she tried to cut me off). But the other sole millenial and I shared a loving glance across the room and absolutely lambasted this instructor in the evals and she’s never been invited back to teach that course, so it’s all okay.



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The amazing fan-turned-into-official poster for the comedy I am most excited to see has just been released!

Dear White People has just released the poster for their movie, coming out October 17th!

Check the full story here!

What a brilliant poster that ever POC with hair any way like this should relate to!

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you live very far away but that doesnt mean i love you any less